Well hello there! Welcome to a bio on The Life of Laura.

Born and raised in Perth Western Australia, this fun-loving individual has a fascination with bold colours. Known as 'the funky one' around the office or 'the hippie one' amongst friends, Laura enjoys Latin dance, photography, travelling, meditation and of course...throwing paint around!

From a young age Laura would spend hours trolling Scarborough beach looking for seashells...the more colour and texture...the better! This is when her fascination for colourful, intricate things commenced. As she travelled more and more she met many interesting people and her eyes were opened to the abundance of fascinating things around the world...gorillas in Uganda, sloths in the Amazon, temples in Cambodia as well as the natural beauty of Western Australia. She uses all of these exciting experiences as inspiration.

To create her artwork, Laura uses a combination of paint pouring and digital manipulation; therefore most of her pieces are produced as a high quality print in final form - digital art. She is open to collaborations, educational opportunities and producing commission items.

If you are visiting from overseas, Laura's artwork is a true reflection of the Western Australian landscape colours and a great souvenir to take home.

During a visit to Africa, she fell in love with the children and observed an overwhelming and saddening level of poverty. It is for this reason that she donates 10% of proceeds to the Peace for Paul Foundation in Uganda, which provides shelter, food, safety and education for children in need.

Laura's work is a reminder to EVERYONE to slow down and enjoy the little things in life whilst we are still able to leave footprints in the sand. 

Look after each other.