Welcome to the captivating world of Laura! Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, this vibrant individual has an unwavering passion for bold colors and line work in her art. Known as “the funky one” around the office and “the hippie one” among friends, Laura’s zest for life extends to her love for Latin dance, photography, travel, meditation, and, of course, expressive painting.

As a toddler, Laura would spend countless amounts of time combing Scarborough Beach, seeking out seashells. The more vibrant and textured, the better! It was during these beachside explorations that her fascination with colorful and intricate things took root. As she journeyed across the globe, she encountered a myriad of captivating experiences: gorillas in Uganda, sloths in the Amazon, ancient temples in Cambodia, and the breathtaking natural beauty of Western Australia. Each encounter fueled her creativity and served as inspiration for her art.

Laura’s artistic journey began with acrylic paint pouring on a grand scale. She deftly manipulated paint using unconventional tools like hair dryers, blower vacs, and thick brushes on expansive canvases. Her unique prints found eager buyers at local Perth markets. Later, she seamlessly blended her travel photographs using Photoshop with her abstract, colorful pieces to create striking digital prints. But Laura’s creative spirit knows no bounds—she swiftly transitioned to the digital realm, exploring digital drawing and painting (yes, digital paintbrushes are a thing!). Currently, she focuses on original digital art paintings, while her earlier collections continue to be available as prints.

You can find some of her work on her website, but the majority is showcased on her social media pages. Laura’s talent extends beyond her personal projects; she has also crafted numerous commissioned pieces over the years. Additionally, she remains open to educational opportunities and collaborations with fellow artists. She exhibits with North Coast Art Club. 

Laura’s colorful journey invites you to explore, create, and embrace the beauty of expression. If you are visiting from overseas, Laura's artwork is a true reflection of the Western Australian landscape colours and a great souvenir to take home.

10% of proceeds go to the Peace for Paul Foundation in Uganda to help provide shelter, food, safety and education for children in need.

Laura's work is a reminder to EVERYONE to slow down and enjoy the little things in life whilst we are still able to leave footprints in the sand. 


Look after each other.